Connecting Community, Culture and Curriculum

Presentation by Genevieve Soler and Kayla Weller with words from Stoney Nakoda Elders Virgle Stephens, Tracey Stevens, Phillomene Stevens, and Una Wesley

Hosted by Canada’s History Society

Posted July 14, 2022

Canada’s National History Society was honoured to present the 14th Canada’s History Forum and to bring together educators, Indigenous leaders, researchers, and community members for a conversation about truth and reconciliation. Featuring award-winning educators and researchers from across Canada, this event highlighted community-based projects that exemplify meaningful and tangible acts of reconciliation.

This presentation by Genevieve Soler and Kayla Weller was part of the 14th Canada's History Forum, “Called to Act: Truth, Reconciliation, and Collaboration,” on June 4, 2022.

Governor General's History Awards Winner Genevieve Soler and Kayla Weller worked with Stoney Nakoda Elders Virgle Stephens, Tracey Stevens, and Phillomene Stevens to help their grade 4 students explore and deepen their understanding of their culture, traditions, and personal histories. Through the documentation of family lineage, oral storytelling, and the creation of original artworks, Kayla and Genevieve’s students were involved in powerful reconciliation work that allowed them to reconnect and reclaim their cultural identities.

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