Aborder l'Holocauste

“Participating in the recognition of genocides can help survivors and communities move forward.”

Hosted by Canada’s History

Posted March 28, 2023
This presentation is in French.

Anne Marguet has a master's degree in history, with a specialization in the history of migrations in the 20th century. She was a high school history teacher, first in France and then in Quebec, for 20 years. She has held the position of education coordinator at the Montreal Holocaust Museum since 2019. The Montreal Holocaust Museum educates people of all ages and backgrounds about the Holocaust, as well as of the perils of antisemitism, racism, hate and indifference.

This presentation by Anne Marguet was part of the 15th Canada's History Forum, “Hard Histories: Approaching Difficult Topics in Canadian History,” which was held live via Zoom on March 2, 2023.

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