Heritage Gourmet: Recipes from Parks Canada

Parks Canada merges 18th-century dining with 21st-century technology. Heritage Gourmet is a culinary journey through Canada’s rich history.

Posted October 13, 2011

Launched in September 2011, the Heritage Gourmet app gave you access to over sixty Canadian recipes that you could search or browse for by ingredient, course, menu, period or region. These traditional recipes were tested and modified for today's palates by the School of Hospitality and Tourism at Algonquin College. Both imperial and metric measurements were provided.

The Heritage Gourmet includes such historic recipes as: Moose Muffle Soup, Acadian Bouilli, West Coast Finnan Haddie, Newfoundland’s Jiggs Dinner, French Soldier's Bread, Marmalade, Corn Bread, Blueberry Grunt, Hedgehogs, Bannock, Luski and Sourdough Flapjacks.

Each recipe has a back story related to the person who devised the dish, the notable Canadians who enjoyed it, how it got it's name, or the cookbook it originally appeared in. Now, you can also find all those recipes on the Parks Canada website.

Below is a video that shows some behind-the-scenes footage in the kitchen where the dishes were made and tested.

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