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The Winnipeg Foundation celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2021. To mark this event Canada’s History partnered with The Winnipeg Foundation, the Manitoba Social Sciences Teachers Association (MSSTA), and the Red River Heritage Fair (RRHF) to provide a new bursary for Manitoba teachers to access out-of-province professional development opportunities. These funds can be accessed to cover travel, accommodations, and program fees to attend a wide range of professional development opportunities.

Educators may request up to $2,500 for eligible expenses for out-of-province professional development. 

Application Information

Eligible Expenses and Activities

Applicants may request up to $2,500 for eligible expenses.  Group submissions where costs are shared between multiple educators will also be considered.

Funding for educators can be requested to attend any out of province professional development opportunity for history teachers. Eligible expenses may include:

  • Travel (Air, Train, Mileage at Government of Manitoba rate)
  • Accommodations
  • Conference/Workshop Registration and/or Tuition Fees
  • Per diems for meals (Breakfast $15, Lunch $25, Dinner $35)
  • Substitute Costs

Educators will pay directly for their activity and will be reimbursed at the completion of the activity and after submission of the final report. See below for details.

Professional development opportunities will be considered on a case by case basis. Proposals for professional development should have a strong history component. Applicants are encouraged to consult with MSSTA or RRHF representatives in advance of submitting their proposal.

Application Process

To apply for funding, the applicant must complete the accompanying application form. Requests may be submitted at any time, but should be submitted as early as possible and at least four (4) months in advance of travel. The application form consists of:

  • Rationale for attending professional development activity and relevance to current history teaching assignment
  • Link to professional development activity website
  • An outline of anticipated costs
  • Signature of school administrator

Applicants must be an active classroom teacher whose course load includes the teaching of history. Applicants should also be a MSSTA member in good standing or a regular participating teacher in the Red River Heritage Fair.

All applicants will be reviewed by a committee of educators. Applicants who have been funded for an activity and who are unable to attend must inform Canada’s History Society as soon as possible so that the funding can be redirected.


Recipients will only be reimbursed on the completion of the professional development experience and after they have submitted their final report. This report will include an expense form and all applicable receipts. Recipients will also be asked to either write a 250–500-word article about their experience that will be shared through the MSSTA journal and website, or attend a MSSTA/Red River Heritage Fair Executive meeting and make a 5-minute presentation. Each recipient may also choose to give a workshop at the annual MSSTA Professional Development Day to share their experiences.