5 ways to engage students for Canada 150

Are you wondering what to do in your classroom for Canada 150? Look no further!

Posted May 31, 2017

Historica Canada has recommended five different ways to engage your students with Canada 150! These programs are all free and offered in both French and English. Check them out:

  1. Ask your students to reflect on what Canada means to them with the Here’s My Canada video content and related learning tools.
  2. Bring a Memory Project speaker into your classroom to share their story of military service.
  3. Bring a Passages Canada speaker into your classroom to share their story of culture, heritage and identity.
  4. From Vimy Ridge to women’s suffrage, discover Canadian heritage with The Canadian Encyclopedia’s new Canada2017 app.
  5. Screen the Heritage Minutes! 86 short films depicting significant people, events or stories in Canadian history.

We definitely recommend grabbing some popcorn and watching a few Heritage Minutes with your students. If possible, make time to ask some critical questions like:

  1. Why is this a significant event in Canadian history?
  2. What sources might have Historica Canada used to write this script?
  3. Name events that happened before and after the moment presented in the Heritage Minute. Are these events connected? Explain.
  4. Name another event in Canadian history happening at the same time. Is this event connected to the moment presented in the Heritage Minute? Explain. 
  5. If you could add a piece of history to the Heritage Minute, what would it be?
  6. Who is telling this story? From what other perspectives could this story be told? How might the story differ?
  7. What lesson(s) can we learn from this moment in Canadian history?

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