Temma Frecker Transcript

Your Excellency, fellow laureates, dear guests.

My goal as a teacher is to foster caring and goodness in people so that they can be true to themselves, to their passions and be empowered in their own way to create a better world.

I am fortunate to work at The Booker School, and our motto at The Booker School is Think - Act - Become.

So bringing my students through the process of getting a deeper understanding of history, of how it influences the world in which we live today, that led them to take meaningful action on a controversial issue.

And I know that all the students who were involved in the Cornwallis proposal, they have a sense that their voices matter. My hope is that they are now empowered as global citizens to work towards a more just world and to follow their own passions.

And I am lucky to share this today with Will Mercer, one of my students here, the first student of The Booker School, and his Moms, Johanna Mercer, the founder of the school, and Ann Gordon.

Thank you for trusting me with the education of your son. I can’t wait to see what his generation will do to right the wrongs of the past.