Maxine Hildebrandt and Lisl Gunderman Transcript

Lisl Gunderman: Thank you very much everyone for honouring our work. We were very proud to create a safe ground for students to feel free to take a look at different perspectives and share things about each other and to find out about themselves.

I'd also like to thank my teaching partner. Maxine is constantly reaching out to people, it's admirable and she models that well for everyone.

Maxine Hildebrandt: Your Excellency, fellow laureates, dear guests. The ability to wonder about people who are different, to step out of your comfort zone and get to know them, to turn them from strangers into friends, begins by taking a leap of faith and opening yourself up to new experiences.

Students who are free to express their thoughts and views and to learn from others, are students who can grow, develop and prosper, to develop new friendships and relationships. Our students made our cultural exchange a huge success.

I just wanted to also mention that am deeply indebted to my wonderful friend and colleague, Lisl. She throws her whole heart into everything she does. She truly inspires me.