Daniel Francis

Recipient of the 2017 Governor General's History Award for Popular Media: The Pierre Berton Award

November 8, 2017

North Vancouver (British Columbia)

Daniel Francis is the recipient of the 2017 Pierre Berton Award for bringing Canadian history to a wider audience. Francis, who lives in North Vancouver, has devoted his adult life to bringing our history to a wide, popular audience both school age and adult.

He is the author of 30 books, and his work reflects the great diversity of Canada’s past. He has examined, among other things, the social history of Canada, the image of Indigenous people in Canadian culture, the Prohibition years, whales and whaling, the Trans-Canada Highway and the history of his hometown, Vancouver.

Francis was editor of the Horizon Canada project in the 1980s. He has written extensively on the history of British Columbia. He was editor of the Encyclopedia of British Columbia, and contributes to KnowBC.com, an online resource for information on B.C.

In his spare time, Francis volunteers for the North Vancouver Museum and Archives and serves on the local Heritage Advisory Committee.