Rose Fine–Meyer

Recipient of the 2007 Governor General's Award for Excellence in Teaching Canadian History

May 31, 2010
Rose Fine-Meyer accepting her award at Rideau Hall, 2007.

Humberside Collegiate Institute, Toronto (Ontario)

Rose Fine-Meyer is Curriculum Leader of History and Social Sciences at Humberside Collegiate Institute in Toronto. Rose has created a senior level high-school Interdisciplinary Studies course entitled Archives and Local History which has received accreditation as part of the Ontario curriculum. This course gives students the opportunity to study their community and local history while developing the methodological skills required to make academic use of primary historical documents.

Archives and Local History begins with a concentration of the history of the school, and local and municipal archives, and broadens into study on a provincial and national level. Besides working with local historical societies, such as the West Toronto Junction Historical Society, a significant part of students' work involves the development of Humberside's school archives, which date back 115 years. Students gain hands–on experience by managing and adding to the collection, including reviewing and detailing the experiences of Humberside's war veterans, and add to their study research that examines the original military file held in Ottawa.

Through this work and other research assignments, students develop a clear understanding and appreciation of the connections that link their local community with those of national interest and concern. A popular speaker locally and nationally on issues that affect the teaching of Canadian history, Rose has addressed educators both in Toronto and in other parts of Canada.

She has organized and participated in numerous conferences, speaking and presenting workshops on curriculum, Canadian women's' studies and archives and local history. Rose has authored many books that provide supplementary material for studies in Canadian history. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Canadian History at the University of Toronto.