Lorretta Stabler and Patti Thorne

Recipients of the 2005 Governor General's Award for Excellence in Teaching Canadian History

June 2, 2010

Millarville Community School, Millarville (Alberta)

Lorretta Stabler and Patti Thorne, multi–aged students and community members collaboratively engaged in an authentic Archaeology project. Mysterious shards found on school property sparked students' curiosity and began the hands on “uncovering” of many real artifacts. Unanswered questions motivated students' differentiated journeys, which generated in–depth historical scholarship. Wider cultural connections were fostered as students conducted online research, comparing artifacts found in various Canadian archaeological digs. Students celebrated successes, constructing and sharing their own website, and writing and presenting a whole–school Centennial Operetta. The rich aspects of this year–long inquiry project enabled history to come alive for students and exemplified these educator's learning and teaching philosophies.

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