Tom Morton

Recipient of the 1998 Governor General's Award for Excellence in Teaching Canadian History

November 1, 1998

John Oliver Secondary School, Vancouver (British Columbia)

Tom Morton’s goal is to create a community of thoughtful, knowledgeable and cooperative learners “who see themselves as agents of positive change.” He teaches grades 9 - 11 and several of his classes are comprised of new Canadians who may love the country but know nothing of its past. He is faced with trying to create a learning community out of students who are remarkable in their ethnic diversity and disparate in their academic abilities. Rising to the challenge, Tom has created nationally recognized curriculum that inspires critical thought, social action and collaboration among students. Titles include: Look Again: The process of prejudice and discrimination, Nobody Likes an Alarm Clock, Hard Times: Then and Now, and most recently, Get on Board: The Underground Railroad to Canada.

Tom was one of the founders of the British Columbia Co-operative Learning Association. He works closely with teachers, student teachers and university faculty to teach methods courses, critique works-in-progress, share ideas, and engage in cutting-edge curriculum development. He has presented workshops on teaching history and social studies across the country. Publications and professional development aside, Tom believes his greatest teaching rewards are found in the achievement of his students.