Our Past Shapes Our Future

Our Vision

To live in a world in which humankind learns from its history, in order for all of us to better understand who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.

Our Mission

Uniting Canadians in understanding their history and connecting with it.

Our Belief

Our past is what shapes our future, and it’s only by understanding our past that we can really understand who we are and prepare for a better future.

The importance of understanding ourselves by examining our history has been an anchoring belief of Canada’s History Society. Established in 1994 through the generous support of the Hudson’s Bay Company History Foundation, we bring relevance and awareness to our nation’s diverse past, illuminating the people, places, and events that unite us as Canadians.

The society’s work includes: Canada’s History magazine, Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids, CanadasHistory.ca, and the Governor General’s History Awards.

We are a national charitable organization with a programming budget of $2.7 million annually. The Hudson’s Bay Company History Foundation remains our largest donor; further revenue comes from our membership through magazine subscriptions and charitable donations. We rely on corporate and individual support as well as federal project funding to realize our mission to promote greater popular interest in Canadian history.