Aeroplan Miles Pooling Program

Mean wearing aviation cap and goggles stand in front of an early 20th century prop plane.

Canada’s History, in partnership with Aeroplan, has a new giving opportunity for supporters of Canadian history — you can donate some or all your Aeroplan Miles to Canada’s History.

[Don’t have an Aeroplan account? Open an account today and start collecting miles to donate next year. Your support does make a difference!]

Your Aeroplan Miles will be used to fly our Governor General’s History Award winners (including award-winning teachers and Kayak Kids’ Illustrated History Award students) to Ottawa, where they will receive official recognition for their achievements.

You’ll be helping Canada’s History and supporting our activities!

Transferring a portion of your Aeroplan Miles is quick and easy!

  1. Go to the Aeroplan website.
  2. Click “Donate Now.”
  3. Enter your login information and complete the donation form.

*Please note: (A) The minimum donation is 1,000 miles. (B) A tax receipt for transferred miles cannot be issued since Aeroplan Miles have no cash value.

If you have any questions about this giving opportunity please email Kathy Penner, or leave a message for her at 1.844.852.7377, ext. 210.

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