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Adrian Charles French

Covering 99 years of Canadian history is a feat no teacher can accomplish in the span of a school year. Mr. French’s class are given a dose of some of the more remarkable and relevant examples of that rich period and, as a result, have a thought-provoking year.

Teaching / 2010

Amy Park

Seven-year-old historians and archaeologists uncovered the stories behind an array of Inuit artifacts and art pieces borrowed from the Glenbow Museum.

Teaching / 2010

Diane Vautour

Students step into the shoes of Canada‘s suffragists, pioneer newspaper women and politicians as they recreate and stage Nellie McClung’s ‘Mock Parliament’ at the Walker Theatre, and debate the 1917 Wartime Elections Act in the House of Commons.

Teaching / 2010

Darcie McDonald

Students are guided on a cross-curricular trip through time tracing the history of democracy and its eventual place on Canadian soil.

Teaching / 2010

Daniel Conner

Students in Mr. Conner’s classes take on subjects that are very much at the heart of Canada’s identity and ones that remain as controversial as ever.

Teaching / 2010

Lucie Labbé, Paule Labbé, and Marcelle Thibodeau

Over a five-month period, students are taught a series of lessons on the period before contact with Europeans, when the cultural landscape was dominated by the Iroquois and the culture of other First Nations.

Teaching / 2010

Desmond Morton

Steady scholarship, dry wit and an appetite for public debate are the qualities that made Professor Desmond Morton the 2010 winner of the Pierre Berton Award.

Popular Media / 2010

Béatrice Craig

2010 winner of the Sir John A. Macdonald Prize Dr. Béatrice Craig won for her book Backwoods Consumers and Homespun Capitalists: The Rise of a Market Culture in Eastern Canada.

Scholarly Research / 2010