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Lindsay Hall

Lindsay Hall's grade 10 summative task, “Historical Sources for the 21st Century; Significant Canadian WWII Battles and Contributions” concludes a unit on WWII.

Teaching / 2009

Brent Pavey

Brent Pavey is a senior high school teacher, engaging his students through a classroom project, entitled “Making History: Understanding Canadian Government, Parliament and the Historical Development of Canadian Culture”

Teaching / 2009

Neil Stephenson

Neil Stephenson's grade 7 students live the disciplines of history and graphic design, using 21st century tools to reinterpret events from Canada's past.

Teaching / 2009

Paul Gross

Fascinated with storytelling, individual experience, and Canadian symbols, Paul Gross, actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, in his multiple works, has been single-minded in highlighting subjects from the Canadian past.

Popular Media / 2009

Michel Marcotte

Michel Marcotte's students have undertaken a creative process to produce an original film exploring such topics as the relationship between New France and England.

Teaching / 2009

Neil Robinson

Neil Robinson is a grade 7 teacher who has engaged his students in a comprehensive year long comparative simulation based on the award winning board game, Settlers of Catan.

Teaching / 2009

Alison England and Karen Wight

“Celebrating our Ranching History, a Longview Community Project” is Karen Wight and Alison England's inquiry-based research project, Their students work collaboratively to create questionnaires, conduct interviews and experience a working cattle ranch.

Teaching / 2009