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Brian McKenna

Mr.McKenna has consistently demonstrated his exceptional ability to tackle the challenges of communicating history through a modern media with originality, determination, and a deep respect for those whose stories he tells.

Popular Media / 2007

Rhonda Draper

Rhonda Draper believes that learning is accelerated through expressions of the “musical voice” in young people. In her unit plan Canada: On the Wings of Our Song she exemplifies this teaching philosophy through a focus on folk songs.

Teaching / 2007

Rose Fine–Meyer

Rose Fine-Meyer created a senior level high–school Interdisciplinary Studies course entitled Archives and Local History which has received accreditation as part of the Ontario curriculum.

Teaching / 2007

Susan Haynes

Susan Haynes developed Passport to the Past, a project that invites grade 7 students to research and role–play historical figures. Students create a passport, historical costume using household items, and make a link between this individual and themselves.

Teaching / 2007

Monique Martin

Monique Martin’s students created 22 large advertisements and posters that were displayed in Saskatoon bus shelters and on routes in May of 2007. The posters detailed a historical event, place or person in Saskatoon History.

Teaching / 2007

David Watkins

David Watkins believes that studying history is a key to self–determination. In his Canadian–African studies course students use the study of Canadian history to focus on their cultures' contributions to the multicultural fabric of Canada.

Teaching / 2007

John MacPhail

John MacPhail firmly believes in the idea of “constructive controversy.” In his project, a mock trial of William Lyon Mackenzie, he develops his students’ skills in critical thought, debate, and questioning assumptions.

Teaching / 2007