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Susan Anderson and Susan Earles

Susan Anderson and Susan Earles have been collaborating on an integrated grade 4/5 local history resource for several years: “The History of Tsawwassen” and “Local Pioneer Study.”

Teaching / 2003

Peter Bjornson

Peter Bjornson uses cross–curricular projects and community partnerships to get his students thinking “out of the books.” His classes take ownership of local heritage, learning the importance of history as they explore national and global connections to their own local stories.

Teaching / 2003

Raymond Duchesne

Raymond Duchesne has dedicated his life to unearthing, creating and experimenting with new teaching methods to awaken his students' interest in history.

Teaching / 2003

Pam Irving

Pam Irving endeavors to bring the grade 2/3 curriculum to life in the History of Millarville. Her project involves Galileo Educational Network mentorship, researching primary source information, visiting exhibits and archives at local museums, discussions with First Nations People and historians.

Teaching / 2003

Deanna Millard

Deanna Millard develops innovative lesson plans for her grade 7/8 class. She uses slides, video, maps, newspapers, political cartoons, skits, artifacts, costumes, letters, journals, music, poetry, paintings, debates, fieldtrips and guest speakers to engage her students.

Teaching / 2003

Gary Simons

Gary Simons is a 25–year veteran with a reputation for innovation, student success and making Canadian history come alive. His senior students engage in history debates, role–play and computer simulations.

Teaching / 2003

Charlotte Gray

Charlotte Gray — best-selling novelist, well-respected magazine journalist and frequent political commentator — has laboured faithfully and meticulously in Canadian history and biography for years with her impressive literary talents and dedication.

Popular Media / 2003