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Mel Greif

Mel Greif’s school is steeped in history. He engages his students in field trips, Confederation debates, simulations, an 1812 picnic and murder-mysteries based on local historic sites.

Teaching / 2001

CBC: Canada: A People's History

In 2001, we recognized the CBC and Mark Starowicz for the epic 17-part history series, Canada: A People's History.

Popular Media / 2001

Mario Mimeault

Mario Mimeault a consacré sa vie à l’histoire. Avec ses nombreuses publications, ses projets d’informatique à caractère historique, ses fréquentes interventions à la radio et à la télévision, les distinctions qu’il a méritées, cet enseignant du secondaire pourrait assurément être désigné comme l’une des autorités canadiennes en matière d’histoire des pêches maritimes du Québec.

Teaching / 2000

Peter C. Newman

Author of nineteen books, recognized for his major contributions in documenting Canadian corporate and business history in an accessible way.

Popular Media / 2000

Al Skeoch

Al Skeoch came out of retirement to teach high school history to a group of inner city teenagers, and students and colleagues alike are delighted that he did.

Teaching / 1999

Tom Morton

Tom Morton’s goal is to create a community of thoughtful, knowledgeable and cooperative learners “who see themselves as agents of positive change.” He teaches grades 9 - 11 and several of his classes are comprised of new Canadians who may love the country but know nothing of its past.

Teaching / 1998

Bob Johnstone: Today in History

CBC Radio journalist — Bob Johnstone, honoured for his “Today in History,” radio vignettes.

Popular Media / 1998

The CRB Foundation

The CRB Foundation won for producing its popular Heritage Minutes series, the 60-second mini-movies highlighting Canada's past, seen in theatres and on French and English television. Now known as the Historica Minutes.

Popular Media / 1997

Indu Varma

Indu Varma combines a project-based teaching approach with telecommunications to move beyond textbooks and classroom walls. Her classes in Canadian government, comparative studies, and the history of New Brunswick come to life through activity-based, interactive projects.

Teaching / 1997

Charles Hou

Charles Hou taught at Burnaby South Secondary School in British Columbia. One of the highlights of his career is the Begbie contest, a bilingual provincial Canadian history quiz for grade 11 students.

Teaching / 1996