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We Are All Treaty People

We Are All Treaty People

Kim Sadowsky is a 2015 recipient of the Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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In this lesson plan students embark on a Treaty simulation that lasts the entire semester and takes them through an intricate role-play where students become the Indigenous peoples of Treaty #4 territory in what is now Saskatchewan. It is a living simulation where each day the students are playing out key events in Canada’s history and drawing out their own conclusions about how the events of the past have influenced their place in Canada today as Treaty people. Their ultimate goal is to create an inquiry based project that demonstrates their knowledge of Canada’s Treaty relationships and encourages others to acknowledge that We Are All Treaty People and as such have a responsibility in understanding and acknowledging our shared history of this land.

The semester ends with students celebrating the resiliency and successes of Canada’s Indigenous peoples and highlighting the paths that could be taken for healing. Together we acknowledged that we are all Treaty people and have a responsibility in understanding our history so that we can honor the past, be aware of the present and make positive changes for the future.


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