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The Battle of Beaumont Hamel Quiz

Use this twelve-question quiz to get your students reading and thinking about the Battle of Beaumont Hamel.

New France, New Home

In this lesson students will learn about the significance of the filles du roi .

What Might Canada Be Like If….?

Students develop an understanding of the importance of the process in which unique and historically significant national sites, people and events in Canada are determined and the potential consequences of not recognizing and preserving them.

5 Cities to Visit for Doors Open

Learn more about Ontario by visiting these five cities during Doors Open. 

Tell Me, Pretty Maiden & Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes

Nancy Payne speaks with Maureen Nevins, about a song from a wildly popular musical comedy, and a beloved British tune performed by one of Canada’s most famous ensembles.

2017 Governor General's History Awards Recipients

Canadians recognized for their commitment to keeping our history alive.

In the Company of Adventurers

Generous leaders whose major, multi-year contributions are specifically recognized in the Company of Adventurers.

Rules & Criteria

Rules and criteria for the Vimy Pilgrimage Award.

Confederation: The Unfinished Project

This lesson examines the various viewpoints and perspectives of the participants in the Confederation debates, including the voices of women, Indigenous peoples and other groups left out of the process.

The Will of the People

This lesson introduces students to the principles of responsible government for which LaFontaine and Baldwin fought.