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Making a Law

Go through the motions of drafting, proposing, reading and voting for a federal law with your class.

Guiding Lights Quiz

Can you answer these ten questions about Canada’s lighthouses?

Canadian Sports History Quiz

Can you answer these twelve questions about Canada’s sports history?

Where Black Canadians have come from

In this activity students will develop an understanding of where Black Canadians have come from. 

Team Names: A Reflection of History

In this lesson students explore the ways in which history is often reflected in the names and logos of sports teams. They research the history of a Canadian community and create and illustrate a team name and logo reflective of its past. 

Paddling through history

Canoe museum in Peterborough, Ontario, is making waves.

Explore the Role of Blacks in the Fur Trade Industry

These lessons will provide students with the opportunity to explore and investigate interactions among Europeans, Blacks and Indigenous peoples, with a focus on delving deeper into the often untold experience of Black fur traders as the primary focus.

Nan Sdins

Remnants of Haida village reveal a rich and flamboyant society.

The Battle of Beaumont Hamel Quiz

Use this twelve-question quiz to get your students reading and thinking about the Battle of Beaumont Hamel.

New France, New Home

In this lesson students will learn about the significance of the filles du roi .