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The Canadian Patriotic Fund, 1914–1919

In this lesson students explore the role of the Canadian Patriotic Fund during the First World War.

Summer 2017

We celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and how our country came to be with the silly, the serious and the surprising stories of our past. Meet some of the people who helped bring democracy to our country, the people who made it a country, and the people who watched along the wa...

Making a Law

Go through the motions of drafting, proposing, reading and voting for a federal law with your class.

Guiding Lights Quiz

Can you answer these ten questions about Canada’s lighthouses?

Nan Sdins

Remnants of Haida village reveal a rich and flamboyant society.

The Battle of Beaumont Hamel Quiz

Use this twelve-question quiz to get your students reading and thinking about the Battle of Beaumont Hamel.

Paddling through history

Canoe museum in Peterborough, Ontario, is making waves.

New France, New Home

In this lesson students will learn about the significance of the filles du roi .

What Might Canada Be Like If….?

Students develop an understanding of the importance of the process in which unique and historically significant national sites, people and events in Canada are determined and the potential consequences of not recognizing and preserving them.

2017 Governor General's History Awards Recipients

Canadians recognized for their commitment to keeping our history alive.