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Canadian Sports Educational Package

Get your FREE Canadian Sport Educational Package with lesson plans, classroom resources and digital magazine.

Weird Canadian Laws

Use the Summer 2017 issue of Kayak to help your students match these laws to the places that have/made them!

10 Places with Indigenous Names

Use the Summer 2017 issue of  Kayak  to help your students match these Indigenous place names with their meanings!

Black History in Canada

In this special issue of Kayak we are joined by guest editor Natasha Henry who shares some amazing stories and examples of the ways Black Canadians built and shaped this country.

At Home

This issue of Kayak is all about the places we live — our homes and communities.

Coordinator Resources

Download logos, certificates, helpful guides and more to run a successful Heritage Fair.


Canada’s History Society is a national charitable organization with a programming budget of $2.7 million annually. Founded in 1994 to popularize Canadian history, the society’s work includes: Canada’s History magazine, Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids, CanadasHistory...

Sports Stories

Whether you like to play sports or watch them; ride your bike or be part of a team, this issue of Kayak brings you great stories from our sporting history.

If Confederation Happened Today

Use this activity and the 2017 Summer issue of  Kayak  ​to engage your students with the concept of Confederation by asking them to think about it happening today! 

Our Flag Turns 50

Our flag is one of the easiest to recognize in the entire world. It first flew February 15, 1965, so the February 2015 issue of Kayak is celebrating by shining a light on all of our national symbols.