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Match founders to their foods!

Use the Summer 2017 issue of Kayak  to help your students match famous Canadian food companies to their founders.

Canada 150 Educational Package

Canada 150 Educational Package

Happy Birthday Canada!

The April 2017 issue of Kayak looks at 150 people, places and things that tell the story of Canada.

Editorial Guidelines

Editorial guidelines for writing in our Canada's History and Kayak magazines.

From Suffragists to Superheroes: Canadian history for kids

Watch now: in this webinar presentation editor Nancy Payne and art director James Gillespie as they discuss their approach to making history come alive for kids in Kayak: Canada's History Magazine for Kids . 

John Jamieson

John Jamieson connects his students with their Inuit culture through archaeology, elders, art and entrepreneurship. Over 160 Inuit artifacts dating back 3,000 years are duplicated in his school and include fishskin dolls, model kayaks, and hunting tools.


Canada’s History Society publishes two award-winning magazines: Canada’s History and Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids.

Remembering the Great War

A special digital-only classroom edition of Kayak aimed at Grades 2–6. You will find stories about the major battles, about kids’ lives back home, and about how anger around conscription divided the country.

Two FREE Issues Offer

Teachers and homeschoolers are eligible to receive the April and June issues of Kayak free, PLUS free classroom resources.

Weird Canadian Laws

Use the Summer 2017 issue of Kayak to help your students match these laws to the places that have/made them!