Sounds Like History - Season 2

Canada's History and the Library and Archives Canada are back together for season 2 of Sounds Like History, a 6-part podcast that explores the Virtual Gramophone collection.

Co-hosted by Canada’s History and Library and Archives Canada

June 25, 2017

The Maple Leaf Forever & Solveig’s Song

Episode 1

Nancy Payne, editor of Kayak, speaks with Joseph Trivers, Music Acquisitions Librarian, about a song that at one time served as Canada’s unofficial national anthem, and a song from a Norwegian play sung by a celebrated Canadian soprano.

Isabeau s'y promène et Mitaine et chausson

Episode 2

Jean-Phillipe Proulx de la Société Histoire Canada et Rachelle Chiasson-Taylor de la Bibliothèque et Archives Canada examinent deux anciens enregistrements canadiens: Isabeau s’y promène et Mitaine et chausson.

Songs For Little People & My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair

Episode 3

Mark Reid, editor-in-chief of Canada’s History magazine, speaks with Rachelle Chiasson-Taylor, Music Historian and Archivist at Library and Archives Canada about an early recording of popular children’s songs and a Scottish folk song with an arrangement by Joseph Haydn, performed by a beloved Canadian singer.

Tout le long & Qui te fait si sévère

Episode 4

Dans cette émission, nous joignons Jean-Phillipe Proulx de la Société Histoire Canada en discussion avec Maureen Nevins de la Bibliothèque et Archives Canada. Ils examinent deux anciens enregistrements canadiens: Tout le long interprété par Louis Chartier avec accompagnement de piano; et Que te fait si sévère interprété par Louise Edvina avec orchestre.

Explore the music of Canada’s past. More music can be found in the Virtual Gramophone collection.

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