Parallels in Teaching

Educator Rob Jardine outlines the parallels in teaching about the Holocaust and the history of residential schools in Canada.

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Canada 150 in the Classroom

Canada 150 Educational Package

5 ways to engage students for Canada 150

Are you wondering what to do in your classroom for Canada 150? Look no further!

10 Places with Indigenous Names

Use the Summer 2017 issue of Kayak to help your students match these Indigenous place names with their meanings!

If Confederation Happened Today

Use this activity and the 2017 Summer issue of Kayak ​to engage your students with the concept of Confederation by asking them to think about it happening today! 

Lesson Plans

Expo 67 Unit Plan

This Unit Plan encourages teachers to reconsider their twentieth century Canadian History program, using Expo 67 as a “lens” from which to examine Canada both at “100” and “150” years.

A Question of Immigration

In this lesson, students will have an opportunity to analyze political cartoons from the late 1800s and early 1900s, read and research a specific immigrant group who came to Canada, and create their own political cartoon about this group.

The Will of the People

This lesson introduces students to the principles of responsible government for which LaFontaine and Baldwin fought. 

We Are All Treaty People

In this lesson students will explore Treaty Relationships in Canada through a simulation and inquiry project. 

Know a teacher who made a difference?

Nominations for the Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching are accepted all year round.


Wikipedia as Outreach and Activism for Canadian History Webinar Series

In this webinar series, speakers will demonstrate why and how Wikipedia is used as a method of outreach and activism and why Canadian history on Wikipedia needs our attention.

Treaties and the Treaty Relationship Webinar Series

This webinar series shares information and promotes conversation about the historical and contemporary issues that relate to treaties. These presentations explore both the Canadian and First Nations perspectives of treaties.

Teaching treaties with the Treaty Education Initiative

Watch now: this webinar provides an overview of the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba's Treaty Education Initiative, which is a K-12 education mandate.

From the latest teaching newsletter

The woman who loved cities

Jane Jacobs loved cities, and she was fascinated by what made them work. 

Historic occasion

The Historical Thinking Summer Institute is a thought-provoking educational experience.

Confederation: The Unfinished Project

This lesson examines the various viewpoints and perspectives of the participants in the Confederation debates, including the voices of women, Indigenous peoples and other groups left out of the process.


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