Get thee to a museum

Educator Neil Orford explains how engaging students with museum visits could be the key to keeping them in class.

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Treaties and the Treaty Relationship Webinar Series

This webinar series shares information and promotes conversation about the historical and contemporary issues that relate to treaties. These presentations explore both the Canadian and First Nations perspectives of treaties.

Treaty making and the significance of the Royal Proclamation of 1763

Watch now: this webinar provides an introduction to treaty-making between First Nations peoples and the Crown (Canada) and discusses the significance of the Royal Proclamation of 1763 to this process. 

A geographical perspective on the Numbered Treaties in Canada

Watch now: this webinar provides a geographical perspective on the Numbered Treaties in Canada.

An Elder's Perspective

Watch now: in this webinar Elder Florence Paynter provides an “Elder’s Perspective” to treaty making and the importance of teaching treaties in the classroom.

Award-winning Lesson Plans

Turning Points: Crises in French-English Relations

This lesson will aid students in understanding the historical conflict and crises between the French and English in Canada between the 1830s and 1891.

What Might Canada Be Like If….?

Students develop an understanding of the importance of the process in which unique and historically significant national sites, people and events in Canada are determined and the potential consequences of not recognizing and preserving them.

We Are All Treaty People

In this lesson students will explore Treaty Relationships in Canada through a simulation and inquiry project. 

The Battlefield Landscape of the First World War

In this lesson students explore several seminal Canadian First World War battles with an emphasis on the experiences of soldiers in the trenches.

Know a teacher who made a difference?

Nominations for the Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching are accepted all year round.

Classroom Resources

Join the Marathon of Hope

Inspire your students to join the Marathon of Hope using this graphic novel-style story and a lesson plan from the Terry Fox Foundation.

Exploring the Past

Bring this map of Canada and these specially made tokens into your classroom to mark each Canadian historic site, person and event your students learn about.

Guiding Lights Quiz

Can you answer these ten questions about Canada’s lighthouses?

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Montreal Walking Tour

Take a trip to Montreal with this audiowalk to learn about the city’s history.


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