Painters Eleven: Art Shock in Toronto

A collection of Canadian modernist painters brought abstract expressionism to a city and country that often didn’t want to see it.

Article / Arts, Culture & Society

The Twisted Genius of George Feyer

George Feyer was at one time Canada’s most celebrated cartoonist. But fame could not erase his dark side.

The Living Stone

Stone sculptures and implements produced by the Inuit of the eastern Arctic in the early 1950s.

Master of Design: Clair Stewart’s Modernist Mission

One man’s belief that art could be married to commerce through impeccable graphic design has left a lasting visual legacy.

2016 The Governor General's History Awards

Geneviève Marois

To celebrate their school’s 60th anniversary, the students in Geneviève Marois’ class decided to hold an exhibition on its history. They presented the information in a number of creative ways, including with an interactive timeline, skit, movie, and dance.

Rita Gravina and Catherine Pfaff

The students of teacher Rita Gravina and Catherine Pfaff delve into the many unsung stories of women who served their country during the First World War by creating video narratives on the war experiences of former Bishop Strachan School students. 

Brian Clancy, Lisa Sheppard, and Catherine Morneault

Brian Clancy, Lisa Sheppard, and Catherine Morneault gave their grade six French immersion students a big challenge for their school year: “How can we collaboratively teach our community about the Canadian experience at Vimy Ridge and do something AWESOME in the process?” 

Governor General History Awards laurel
Some teachers deserve more than apples

Nominate a great history teacher for the Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching.

In This Issue

Lost Generations

An Inuk artist reflects on the legacy of the residential schools in the Far North.

Famous Faces

Introducing a few of the many Montréalers who became important figures in Canadian history.

Victory at Vimy

How training, timing, and new battle tactics helped Canada capture Vimy Ridge. 

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