The Prince & the Pistols

James “Gunsmith” Jones’ gift was fit for royalty. His patrimony was not. 

Article / Politics & Law

Know a teacher who made a difference?

Nominations for the Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching are accepted all year round.

Viola Desmond: An Unlikely Crusader

Viola Desmond didn't set out to be a civil rights leader. But in 1946 when she was removed from a theatre in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, she fought back in court.

Underground Railroad: The William Still Story

This PBS film is a great resource for teaching about Black history in Canada and the Underground Railroad. A handy educator's guide provides teachers with everything they need to use this film in their class.

Black History in Canada

In this special issue of Kayak we are joined by guest editor Natasha Henry who shares some amazing stories and examples of the ways Black Canadians built and shaped this country.

2017 The Governor General's History Awards

Naomi Fortier-Fréçon and Leia Laing

Recipients of the 2017 Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching

Rob Flosman

Recipient of the 2017 Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching

Janet Ruest

Recipient of the 2017 Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Governor General's History Awards

Celebrating the very best in Canadian achievements in the field of history and heritage.

In This Issue

Queens of the Airwaves

Women were some of Canada’s most popular broadcasters in the heyday of radio. 

Dinnerware set

Fancy dinnerware is probably not the first thing to come to mind in regard to the fur trade. 

A Witness to War – and Peace

New museum will explore the Asian experience during the Second World War.

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Team Names: A Reflection of History

In this lesson students explore the ways in which history is often reflected in the names and logos of sports teams. They research the history of a Canadian community and create and illustrate a team name and logo reflective of its past. 

Canadian Sports History Quiz

Can you answer these twelve questions about Canada’s sports history?

The Greatest Athlete in Canada’s History

This research and persuasive writing activity will inspire your students to think about their favourite Canadian athletes!

The History of Canada’s Favourite Sports

This research activity encourages students to explore the history of their favourite sport!