Prince of Wales Fort Restoration

Parks Canada has been working to restore Prince of Wales Fort in Churchill, Manitoba, for several years. Along the way, archaeologists discovered some new and surprising things about the fort. Find out more by listening to this Canada's History podcast.

November 8, 2013

No fort is complete without a cannon or two. In the case of Prince of Wales Fort in Churchill, Manitoba, make that 22.

For the past several years, work has taken place to restore the stone ramparts the cannons sit on at this remote former fur-trading post on the shore of Hudson Bay,

An added benefit of the restoration project was that archaeologists uncovered new information about the everyday lives of people who were posted there in the eighteenth century.

In this 2013 podcast, Canada's History Senior Editor Nelle Oosterom spoke with Cam Elliot of Parks Canada about the impact of the restoration project.


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