2019 Historical Thinking Summer Institute Reading List

Download the reading list. 

There are seven readings in total: three required readings to introduce historical thinking, two readings for the Reading Discussions on July 15, and two more readings for the Reading Discussions on July 17.

Required readings should be completed prior to the beginning of the 2019 HTSI. There will be no time set aside for independent reading during the HTSI.

All readings will be made available to registered participants through the 2019 Historical Thinking Summer Institute Google Drive. If you have not yet received the link to this folder, please contact Joanna Dawson at jdawson@canadashistory.ca

Note: Past participants who are new to historical thinking have found it helpful to read one of the following two books about historical thinking prior to the HTSI, however it is not required.
Seixas, P., & Morton, T. (2013). The big six historical thinking concepts. Toronto: Nelson Education.

Stipp, S., Gibson, L., Denos, M., Case, R., & Miles, J. (2017). Teaching historical thinking: Revised and expanded edition. Vancouver, B.C.: The Critical Thinking Consortium.

Download the full reading list. 

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