Zoom Instructions

Join us

Date: December 8, 2022
6pm Eastern
5pm Central
4pm Mountain
3pm Pacific
7pm Atlantic
Location: Virtual, online-only (This event will be recorded)

The Zoom invitation link will be provided by your host leading up to the event, however here are some tips that you might want to read in preparation for the evening.

To help ensure that you are ready for your virtual experience, please review the following tips.

  • We suggest viewing our event on desktop or laptop for the optimal experience, however, you may also participate via tablet or phone.
  • Close all other programs such as email, web browsers and social media to reduce lag in your internet connectivity. You should also close any other unnecessary programs even if they do not require an internet connection (e.g., Word, Excel, Photoshop).
  • Test your internet connection and its ability to support Zoom in the location from where you will watch. Click this link to do a simple test: https://zoom.us/test.

How to join us on Zoom:

  1. If you prefer to use the Zoom Web platform, you will click the link in the invitation and open the meeting in your web browser (or copy and paste the link into a browser window that is already open). Using this browser option means you might not have access to all the tools available in Zoom.
  2. If you think you might prefer the Zoom Desktop platform (or if you think you might have a need to use Zoom more frequently), you can download the desktop application and launch it prior to the event.
  3. For those wishing to use their cell phone, you will need to have the Zoom app downloaded on to your device first. You can download from the Google Store or the Apple App Store.