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History Idol: Terry Fox

History Idol: Terry Fox
Photo: The Canadian Press; Montage: Michel Groleau

TSN reporter John Lu was only a teenager when Terry Fox began his marathon of hope in 1980. Like many Canadians, Lu was moved by Fox’s courage and the tenacity he put towards ending cancer. For the past 32 years, Fox has been a source of inspiration in Lu’s life.

Canada’s History intern Ryan Kessler interviewed Lu and in this podcast discuss Fox’s influence on Lu personally.

Fox wanted to raise $1 for every Canadian in 1980 for cancer research, which would have been about $24 million. Since that time, over $600 million has been raised by the Terry Fox Foundation in countries across the world participating in the annual Terry Fox Run.

Fox started with humble beginnings by dipping his artificial leg in the Atlantic Ocean. As he moved west, running a full marathon every day, Fox gained more donations and more attention from the media with every step.

By the time he reached Ontario, Fox was a Canadian icon. He was the embodiment of so many qualities that Canadians value. He fought adversity like a soldier at Vimy Ridge and was noble like Lester B. Pearson. And he did this while remaining human: he wasn’t a superhero from a comic book, but he certainly was a Canadian hero.

Visit the Terry Fox Foundation to donate or take part in the Terry Fox Run on September 16, 2012.


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