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Lauren De Winton, Alberta

Fair address: Calgary Regional Heritage School Fair

Project: The Evolution Of Canadian Figure Skating

From the first pair of figure skates ever to touch the ice, to the first ever executed quad jump, my project, The Evolution Of Canadian Figure Skating, will take you on a journey through time at the rink. I wanted to see all the rich history of our skaters, how the sport started, and how it went to change Canadian history. You will see and learn about all the main points on the figure skating timeline, and how we Canadians helped the sport evolve.

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your topic?

It would have to be stuff that I learned about Barbara Ann Scott. She is a huge inspiration to me as she is to all Canadians. The fact that she was able to achieve such high honours at such a young age was amazing. She is a great role model for me.

What important lessons have you learned that you want to share with other Canadians?

All Canadians help our country evolve over the years. We all take a part in bringing our society into the future, and writing our history. This is how we become legends, and heroes. The ones who help dare to take another step up the ladder are the ones we remember. They are the ones we will later read about in our history textbooks.

How would you compare your life today to the lives of those studied in your project?

Comparing my life to the life of an Olympic figure skater is hard. Their lives are so driven for. They see their goal and they skate to it (no matter how far away it is). They have to work so had to get to the Olympics and have to train 24/7 to get there. I envy them for that. I am not even close to that level yet, but working my way up. I need to really work on garbing my goals like they do.

  • Lauren Bale - 2014 Young Citizen

    I want to thank all of you guys so much for your support. This has been an amazing experience. Thanks for your votes and kind words. And all the luck to all the young citizens. :)
    17/07/2014 9:53:05 PM

  • Eastyn Klages - 2014 Young Citizen

    Dear Lauren,

    WOW!!!! Absolutely fantastic video! You had such great facts and artifacts in your video! One, I had no idea about those famous figure skaters… but now I do! Secondly, I really enjoyed how you had real, historic figure skates. They brought a new element to your presentation, giving us a glimpse into the past! I loved your video! Do you hope to become a figure skating icon just like Barbara Ann Scott? Great work!

    — Eastyn K – 2014 Young Citizen

    05/07/2014 2:20:01 PM

  • Grace

    Great video!! You talked really clearly and shared lots of information! :)

    — Grace S – 2014 Young Citizen

    04/07/2014 8:19:22 PM

  • Ella F. 2014 Young Citizen

    I loved both your video and your figure skating. You have a really beautiful talent. I cannot believe how they used to skate! Our figure skates sure have improved! I liked how the music changed to fit in what you were talking about. I never even thought about how figure skating came to be in Canada! Thanks for helping me learn more about the history of figure skating!

    — Ella F – 2014 Young Citizen

    03/07/2014 10:48:52 AM

  • Cindy S.

    Nice job Lauren, you are a great speaker and your video is awesome!
    26/06/2014 4:11:09 PM

  • Justin Macosky

    So proud of you Lauren! Congrats and WELL DONE!
    24/06/2014 10:37:16 PM

  • Dorothy

    Very proud mamma! Awesome video Lauren! You never seem to amaze me with your creativity and excellence in anything you do. You are so taking me to Ottawa with you! :)
    24/06/2014 6:50:29 PM

  • Irina

    Your video was great! I really enjoyed the information you shared. You have a great tone and crisp diction. I liked how you focused on a handful of great skaters. That was an interesting way to share your perspective rather than sharing just famous ones.

    — Irina Z – 2014 Young Citizen

    23/06/2014 6:27:24 PM

  • Mackenzie P

    Wow! Thats amazing good job!!! It was very interesting. Best of luck!!!

    — Mackenzie P– 2014 Young Citizen

    22/06/2014 3:49:11 PM

  • Luke battcock

    NIce video! Very interesting topic too! good luck!

    — Luke B – 2014 Young Citizen

    20/06/2014 3:01:33 PM

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