Abbie - Weyburn, Saskatchewan

My project describes the importance of the CBC in telling the stories of the Canadian people. It broadcasts to give Canadians a sense of common Canadian identity. If Canada did not have the CBC our national identity would not be the same.

Abbigael - Caron, Saskatchewan

This project is about the infamous poem written by John McCrae that inspired many Canadians during the war.

Akoul - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

I am teaching you about the North-west rebellion and how it started, the people, the battles and the aftermath. Then about how it has a significance in Saskatchewan and Canadian history.

Alice - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Saskatoon Station Place is a restaurant located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This restaurant is very unique because it has two original Canadian National Railway dining cars annexed to the building for dining. The Station Place also house many antiques for us to appreciate in a new context.

Anastasya - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

My project is about the 33,000 Ukrainian settlers who immigrated to Canada between 1946-1962. It explains there tough, long journey, why they came to Canada, and what they found in Canada. It is in memory of the 125 year anniversary of a Ukrainian immigration.

Anna - Regina, Saskatchewan

This project recount a brief history of the Hudson's Bay Company, and in doing so describe how it affects the First Nations people. The video also, briefly, explains the Hudson's Bay Company's impact on Canada.

Anna - Shannonville, Ontario

The Haudenosaunee or Iroquois Confederacy, as it is better known, played a huge role in making life the way it is today for the Iroquois people.  It brought peace to the Nations and provided a form of government for the Haudenosaunee people. The Confederacy is still important in my community today and allows us to keep our traditions alive.

Ashana - Pickering, Ontario

My topic is woman suffrage. It explains how woman started a strong movement in the past that influenced modern day feminism. It also shows that woman should be treated the same as men.

Ashlyn - Desboro, Ontario

A brief exploration into the amazing religions and people surrounding us. My project will help you see how the Jewish settlers really helped shape our community.

Brea - Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia

Pier 21 is a building in the Halifax harbor that welcomed over one million immigrants to Canada from 1928 to 1971. One of those many immigrants was my great grandmother, my nanny Joan.

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Key Dates

Are you ready for Young Citizens? Here are the key dates so you know what’s coming up next.

April/May — Young Citizens are selected at their regional Heritage Fairs across Canada.

June 6th — All Young Citizens should submit their videos to Canada’s History by this date.

June 13th — Voting Opens! Go to the profiles on and start voting for your favorite videos. You will be able to vote once for each video!

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Fall, 2016 — Winners will travel to Ottawa for the Canada’s History Youth Forum (date to be confirmed)

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