The Country of Adventurers - John Rae

The HBC History Foundation launches advertisements commemorating Canada’s historic figures.
September 22, 2015

In fall 2015, the HBC History Foundation, established by Canada’s iconic Hudson’s Bay Company, will launch a new series of historical narratives that tell the story of Canada’s adventurous past. The History Foundation, whose mission is to advance the knowledge of and interest in Canadian history, created the series to celebrate the remarkable achievements of some the nation’s greatest adventurers and explorers.

“Nearly 350 years ago, in 1670, Hudson’s Bay Company was founded as the “Company of Adventurers trading into Hudson Bay”. HBC helped establish the nation and the company archives represent an important part of the story of Canada”, says Richard Baker, Governor and Executive Chairman, HBC. “That’s why the HBC History Foundation is uniquely positioned and committed to telling Canada’s rich stories.”

“It is an incredible responsibility and privilege to celebrate our heritage and share these stories with Canadians and the world,” says Liz Rodbell, President, Hudson’s Bay and Lord & Taylor. “The Country of Adventurers” captures the rich and exciting history of Canada, and hopefully encourages Canadians to learn even more about this great country."

The first historical narrative tells the story of Dr. John Rae, a Scottish doctor who worked for Hudson’s Bay Company from 1833 - 1856. Dr. Rae is arguably the greatest arctic explorer who ever lived. He was the man who found the last missing link of the fabled Northwest Passage and also discovered the fate of the Franklin expedition, a feat many others attempted but perished in search of. Dr. Rae worked closely with, and learned from, the Inuit, for whom he had great respect. The Rae story is fittingly narrated by Les Stroud, better known as Survivorman. Stroud is a modern day survivalist who writes, produces and stars in survival-themed programs that have run on The Outdoor Life Network, The Discovery Channel and The Science Channel.

To get started click The Country of Adventurers and for more on John Rae read his History Idol. Canada's History also featured John Rae on the cover of the June-July 2015 issue of Canada's History Magazine.  

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