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High School

Founding Nations: Exploring Worldviews

Students create a visual essay to explore the unique qualities and characteristics found within each of Canada's 3 founding nations, and how they were affected differently by key events in Canadian history.

RMS Lusitania: Fitting the Pieces Together

This lesson is designed to introduce high school students to the essential "skills of the historian," using the sinking of RMS Lusitania in 1915, as well as Victoria's resulting anti-German riots, as a case study.

Walking on the Lands of Our Ancestors

In “Walking on the Lands of Our Ancestors,” students are immersed in the history of First Nations people from the area. Students learn how First Nations people lived in the past and the issues they face in the present day.

Middle School Lesson Plans

Patriotic Arts: Influencing Canadians at War

Culture can tell us so much about the people and events of history. In this lesson plan, students look at novels, art and music to understand how Canadians shaped, and were shaped by, culture during wartime.

Unity: Making a Heritage Quilt

Students explore the relationship between symbols and identity, while making a heritage quilt.

Who Tells the Story? Defining History.

2007 GG Recipient Susan Haynes provides a great activity for the first history class of the year. Students come up with a definition of history, and explore the concepts of narrative and perspective.

Elementary School

Arts & Culture: 17th Century Canada and Jean de Brebeuf

This unit explores the lives of early Canadians through the folk songs they sang in their daily lives.

Buffalo Gone: Appreciating Natural Resources

Help your students understand the the enormous loss of Buffalo that once roamed the western plains.

Canada's Dynamic Communities: Inuit Stories

Students use storytelling and inquiry to explore the history of Canada's Inuit people and discover how culture shapes our past and present communities. The use of artifacts helps students connect with history.

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