Dr. Lindsay Gibson
University of Alberta

Lindsay Gibson is an Assistant Professor in Social Studies Education in the Department of Elementary Education at the University of Alberta. His doctoral dissertation completed in 2014 examined secondary school teachers’ and students’ approaches to ethical judgments about Canadian history.

He taught secondary school history and social studies for ten years in School District No. 23 (Kelowna, British Columbia), and from 2012-2015 worked as a teacher on the district Instructional Leadership Team that was awarded the Canadian Education Association’s 2015 Canadian Innovators in Education Award.

Lindsay has worked with the Historical Thinking Project since 2008 as a workshop presenter and member of the Executive Committee. He has also worked with The Critical Thinking Consortium (TC2) since 2008 as a workshop presenter, writer, editor and project manager for a variety of history education projects. Since 2012, Lindsay has been a member of the BC Ministry of Education Writing Team that drafted the redesigned K-12 Draft Curriculum, and is part of the Social Studies Expert Working Group that is currently drafting the new K-12 social studies curriculum in Alberta.

Dr. Viviane Gosselin 
Museum of Vancouver

Viviane Gosselin is the Senior Manager, Curatorial at the Museum of Vancouver. Her doctoral research examined how frameworks inspired by a historical thinking pedagogy help conceptualize the experience of exhibition makers and museum visitors. 

Dr. Gosselin has led several exhibition teams in museums for the past fifteen years, and was part of the curatorial collective from the Museum of Vancouver (MOV), the Museum of Anthropology (MOA) at UBC, and the Musqueam First Nation that was awarded the 2015 Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Museums for the exhibition c̓əsnaʔəm, the city before the city.

In her work as senior curator with the Museum of Vancouver, Canada’s largest civic museum, she seeks to expand the museum’s role as city resource, cultural hub, laboratory and catalyst for historical learning, social interactions and civic engagement. Viviane serves on the boards of ICOM-Canada (the national body of the International Council of Museums) and the History Education Network/Histoire et éducation en réseau (THEN/HiER). Recently, Dr. Gosselin co-edited Museums and the Past: Constructing Historical Consciousness (UBC Press, 2016).

Dr. Catherine Duquette
University du Québec à Chicoutimi

Catherine (Cate) Duquette is a professor of history education at the University du Québec à Chicoutimi. Her doctoral research focused on the relationship between student’s ability to think historically and the development of a more reflexive form of historical consciousness. For the past ten years, Dr. Duquette has taught history education with a focus on the historical thinking concepts at the undergraduate and graduate levels at several universities. She is also involved in the pedagogical development of history and social studies teachers in Quebec’s region of Saguenay-Lac St-Jean.

Cate has served on the board of the History Education Network (THEN-HiER) and she collaborates with Canada's History Society in the awarding of the Governor General prizes for the Excellence in Teaching History. She was on the consultation committee for the development of Quebec’s new History of Quebec and Canada curriculum.

Her latest research focuses on students’ difficulty to work with primary sources in particular with iconographic material. The results of the study has brought her to propose different strategies to have students more engaged with the primary sources material.

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