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Aeroplan Miles Pooling Program

Aeroplan Miles Pooling Program

Canada's History, in partnership with Aeroplan, has a new giving opportunity for supporters of Canadian history — you can donate some or all your Aeroplan Miles to Canada's History.

[Don’t have an Aeroplan account? Open an account today and start collecting miles to donate next year. Your support does make a difference!]

Your Aeroplan Miles will be used to fly our Governor General's History Award winners (including award-winning teachers and Kayak Kids' Illustrated History Award students) to Ottawa, where they will receive official recognition for their achievements.

You'll be helping Canada's History and supporting our activities!

Transferring a portion of your Aeroplan Miles is quick and easy!

  1. Go to the Aeroplan website.
  2. Click "Donate Now."
  3. Enter your login information and complete the donation form.

*Please note: (A) The minimum donation is 1,000 miles. (B) A tax receipt for transferred miles cannot be issued since Aeroplan Miles have no cash value.

If you have any questions about this giving opportunity please email Patricia Gerow, or call her at 1.866.952.3444, extension 220.

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