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New 2010 Fall Lecture Series at University of Winnipeg confirmed

In November, 2009 Canada’s History Society moved its offices from Portage and Main westward to the University of Winnipeg campus.  The move was the first bold step forward in realizing and ambitious vision created out of several conversations with the University President, Lloyd Axworthy, then Chancellor Sanford Riley, Nolan Reilly and other faculty to create a new national centre for Canadian history.  
The new centre will build upon the proud heritage and traditions of Canadian history scholarship at the University of Winnipeg started by such luminary alumni faculty as A.R.M. Lower. At the official opening the Centre’s leading advocate and benefactor Sanford Riley said "I want to encourage people to write and teach and talk about history. We don't do enough to explain our history."
Explaining and talking about history is where we come in. The divide between academic research of history and public interest and awareness of that history has always remains inexplicably vast.  
By combining forces with the University to create this new Centre of Canadian History  our primary objective is to work to bridge that divide. For Canada’s History, it’s a welcome opportunity to work more closely with internationally-reputed historians including the Jennifer Brown at the Centre for Rupertsland Studies; Nolan Reilly and Alex Freund’s Oral History Program, among others to bring new, relevant research to our readers both in print and online. Simply being part of a bigger history community on a day to day basis has broadened the perspective of our staff and fueled their interest in experimenting with new ideas, new technologies, and new approaches to history. 
But we also offer our own unique opportunities for students, faculty, and the wider history community in Winnipeg to expand their historical horizons. Some of these opportunities are already in evidence on campus. 
Last year, we introduced a new Internship program exclusively for University of Winnipeg students (check our Job & Internship Board for more info).  The first of those Interns, Alexandra Gravenor had the unique opportunity to participate in the marketing and planning of our historic re-launch as Canada’s History magazine and Canada’s History online. While we won’t guarantee that every year’s interns will be part of something so eventful – (I certainly hope not!) – we do promise a meaningful, real-life experience and introduction to the field of historical  writing and publishing.
This year, Canada’s History makes a further investment in the History Centre launching the first annual Canada’s History Lecture Series at the Riley Centre for Canadian History.
The program will offer a series of four public events this fall bringing Canada’s leading popular historians on campus.  The series is generously supported by Sanford Riley and James Richardson, whose contributions allow us to offer access to the live presentations at cost, as well as record the series for broadcast on the Internet. Whether you are an interested history reader located in Winnipeg or elsewhere in the world, we extend a warm invitation to you to join us!  To register online go here.
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