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Wondering if you should apply for the Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching? Here's what our past recipients have to say:



2009 Recipient Brent Pavey

"The Governor Generals award, while a recognition of individual or team achievement, is best considered a celebration of the teaching of history and a showcase of the many imaginative ways teachers in Canada have helped bring Canada's history alive for their students. Being recognized is thus a true highlight in one's career."Brent Pavey, 2009 Recipient

"It was a first class experience and was superbly organized."Daraius Bharucha, 2012 Recipient

"The whole experience surrounding the Governor-General’s Award was fantastic – meeting the man who had capped me at McGill 25 years earlier was the culmination of a number of years of work. We were given the “royal” treatment in Ottawa; the whole experience made me proud to do what I do, and it energized me to continue developing my projects. I also met many inspiring educators, who shared great ideas and plans, and I have continued to collaborate with these teachers on some joint ideas. I would encourage teachers to apply for these awards, and should it not work out, to reapply. That’s what I did, and the patience paid off in all respects!" Scott Masters, 2012 Recipient

"It was the experience of a life-time. I couldn't have dreamed of a better experience!"Sylvia Smith, 2011 Recipient


2011 Recipient Andrew Stickings at the Canada's History Forum

"I thought the whole experience was just first class, my wife and parents were so proud! In my case, I was working on my project for several years and was nominated twice before finally winning in 2011. It really put the officially stamp on all my hard work and it felt great!"Andrew Stickings, 2011 Recipient

"It was fantastic! Canada's History was such an amazing host. Teachers don't usually get treated like royalty and even the small things made it special. It does take a lot of work to put in an application; however, the work that teachers are doing with history is phenominal and should be shared! We may think that we are isolatated sometimes in our rooms, but there is so much in common with teachers from across the country that this is such an awesome opportunity to be able to share and discuss our ideas!"Sarah Beech, 2011 Recipient

"Submit your students' work, they have produced amazing product! Show it off! Oh, they treat you very well once you get to Ottawa!"Adrian French, 2010 Recipient


2012 Recipient Milena Ivkovic chatting at the celebration dinner at the Canadian War Museum

"I loved every minute of it. It was wonderful to connect with teachers (not to mention students, parents, academics, politicians, museum people and projects) from across the country and be inspired by what they do in their classrooms, and the whole experience really bolstered my love of Canadian history and of teaching. It was an amazing experience that will last a lifetime and was so worth the effort in putting together the application. Don't be discouraged by the seemingly overwhelming diversity of projects that get submitted. You can do it too! We all have amazing things that we do in our classrooms, fantastic lessons and projects that our students love and get so much out of, why not submit one of these lessons and see where it takes you?"Milena Ivkovic, 2012 Recipient

Nancy Hamer-Strahl and Michaëlle Jean
Nancy Hamer-Strahl and Michaëlle Jean

"Receiving the Governor General's Award is like winning an Oscar! It is a tribute to all the teacher's and their student's who have gone on an exciting journey to learn about the history of their country.

History teachers hounour our country by teaching its history, culture and perspectives. The Governor General's awards honours those teachers who deserve our gratitude for informing a nation."

Nancy Hamer-Strahl, 2008 Recipient


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